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Apini Race Mod

Authors of the Apini Race Mod: Miss Bones, CookingApple

The Apini Race Mod introduces a new playable race of sentient giant bees called apini.

Apini playable race features

  • Bees as a playable race.
  • Apini neolithic factions.
  • Custom Bee name lists & backgrounds.
  • Apini scenario to start with (neolithic).
  • Honey and Beeswax production.
  • Beeswax walls & floors.
  • Lore friendly.
  • Bee aprons!

Apini race notes

The Apini suffer respiratory failure from smoking. But as long as they don’t smoke again for a while it will wear off.

Apini suck at mining! This is intentional, apini are much better at building their homes than digging them out.

Sooo… why don’t apini have stings? Lore wise Apini were genetically engineered by humans for terraforming. The first thing humans would remove from giant bees is the sting.

Apini can’t have bionic legs because… balancing issues: imagine four bionic legs. Nyoooooom.

Apini Queens aren’t and will never be playable pawns.

Compatibility notes

Once a game is started with this mod on, it can’t be removed or the save will break.

To make this mod compatible with the Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering mod (EPOE) you  must install the Apini EPOE Plugin by Xen.

The Apini Race mod is compatible with other mods that add honey to the game.

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Version 1.4

Older versions:

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