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A Rim Reborn – Core Mod

Author of the A Rim Reborn – Core Mod: Aelanna

A Rim Reborn brings the tools, resources, and research of Eorzea to the rimworlds!

A Rim Reborn – Core Mod features

Master an alternative research tree based on aether, the magical essence of the world of Hydaelyn! Synthesize aether crystals for use in crafting, build accumulators to tap the natural energy of the rimworlds, and produce unique items!

Craft and forge unique arms and armor! Despite their simple appearance, aetheric weapons can be imbued with aether by wielders with Flowing Aether. Melee weapons have increased damage and armor penetration, while ranged weapons have increased damage, range, and projectile speed.

Eorzean craftsmen can also create glamoured armor and outerwear which is invisible while worn, providing full protection to their wearers while allowing them to show off their fashion!

Produce alchemical potions using unique Eorzean herbs! Healing potions can instantly heal wounds to a limited degree while potions of vitality, strength, and dexterity grant powerful bonuses to colonists.

However, be careful: that which helps in small doses can be harmful or even deadly in greater doses. Taking too many potions too quickly can result in alchemical toxicity and toxic shock!

Build aetherytes and anima pendants that allow colonists to Return or Teleport to attuned aetherytes, even across the world! Quickly reinforce distant colonies or recall caravans!

A Rim Reborn requires at least one ARR race mod to function properly, and all ARR race mods depend on Core to function properly as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: The first race mod loaded after Core becomes the primary race for Eorzean Colony factions. Members of this race will be selected as faction leaders and will have higher representation in said faction’s settlements and caravans.

  • 120 new backstories unique to Eorzean races!
  • Eorzean Colony NPC factions with unique culture, caravan types, and settlements.
  • 2 new starting scenarios: Across the Rift (ARR Crashlanded) and Naked Brutality (ARR).
  • New incident: A Tear into the Rift – A random Eorzean refugee appears from a tear into the Rift. If they survive the passage, they will be injured: you can rescue or capture them for recruitment or slavery purposes.

Also check out A Rim Reborn – Classes & Jobs, which brings the classes and jobs of Final Fantasy XIV to the rimworlds:

A Rim Reborn uses the Eccentric Projectiles library for custom projectiles and visual effects. Please check out the Eccentric Projectiles tab in your Mod Options for configuration options!

Compatibility notes

Known Issues:

  • Not all apparel is fully implemented, and you may get placeholder assets if using ARR apparel on certain body types.

Future Plans

  • Combat Extended compatibility
  • Magitek devices
  • Hybrid technology
  • NPC settlement aetherytes
  • More apparel!
  • More races!
  • Creatures and monsters

Credits & Links:

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? Final Fantasy is the property of Square Enix, A Rim Reborn is a fan project created under Fair Use.

Many thanks to the modders and community members of the RimWorld Discord and Alien Races Framework for their help and inspirations! Also, feel free to drop by the #aelanna channel on the HAR Discord if you have questions, comments, or feedback!


Version 1.5
A Rim Reborn – Core Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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