50 Men Colony Challenge

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Did you know that it’s easier to get many colonists when playing with Randy? Find out why in this Guide on How to Get More Colonists!

You have been in this rim world for a while, you have a fully functional colony. All your pawns know their jobs, their priorities, they come and go every day, and things are running smoothly. They don’t even need you anymore. It got boring.

But could your colony pass this challenge? Could your colony sustain 50 people? Suddenly you have no space, not enough crops, food is running low. Your cooks are too slow, you need a bigger kitchen, a bigger dining room. You’ll have to plan a full expansion of your colony grounds to be able to fit in 50 people, and you’ll have to learn how to properly manage all of them.

To pass the challenge you will have to…

  1. Have a colony with a minimum of 50 pawns, male or female.
  2. Survive for an entire year with the same 50 pawns.
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