Z-Levels Mod

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Authors of the Z-Levels Mod: RamRod, Arisher, Taranchuk

Important notice
The Z-Levels Mod is in beta phase, so be aware that it could have game breaking bugs. Due to this please make multiple saves especially if you have a big mod list. It is incredibly difficult to solve an issue AFTER it has happened if there is no log entries, please save often and if you report a bug head over to the mod’s Discord so the author can get some saves so we can solve them.

Z-Levels Mod features

  • Adds the ability to move underground or above ground.
  • Bills through layers work
  • Hauling works
  • Abandoning a layer with the ability to return to it later (saves performance if you have too many. Right Click to delete rather than abandon)
  • Synchronizes rooves (roofs?) to floors
  • Capture and Rescue works beyond floors.
  • Saves Draft states when they enter a new layer
  • Saves Zones from previous layers
  • Skyfallers working on upper levels (drop pod raids)
  • Key Functionality to swap layers
  • Capability to reload “Abandoned” layer
  • Underground infestations
  • Underground caves with insects
  • Incident which adds new tunnel with insects inside.
  • Synced weathers for upper floors
  • Raiders use stairs
  • Simple jobs such as mining
  • Pets follow their owners
  • Searches for food/rest/joy beyond layers

Planned Features:

  • Being able to shoot between layers
  • Pit fall traps.
  • Adjust damage when a pawn falls through a layer

When building upwards you have to watch out for the floor collapsing similar to normal roof collapses. Upper floors need supports. When building lower watch out for dropping the mountain roof on yourself. The stairs are in the structure tab.

Compatibility notes

Known Bugs: Natural hole, this is found in the structures tab and it should be avoided, it is only used for infestations underground. Avoid it.
Please report any bugs on the official Discord channel.

If you wish to remove this mod, abandon all additional levels from a game, save it, and it should work.

Incompatible with Colonist Bar KF

Additional thanks from the author:

  • I would like to thank Taranchuk as the coder for this project. Honestly he made the code for this mod, he is the C# programmer, I just hired him. If you are looking for someone to code C# projects this man is looking for work and great at what he does.
  • I would like to thankt OttersHoldHands for generating so much hype for this mod!
  • I would also like to thank Ominous Knight for the ladder textures.
  • I would like to thank Arkngs-Lappland for the Chinese patch.
  • I would like to thank Proxyer for the Japanese patch.
  • I would like to thank NatsuZirok for the Russian patch.
This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.4
Alert! The Z-Levels Mod requires the Harmony Library in order to work.

Older versions 1.1

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