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[AB] Xenotype: Pillux Mod

Author of the [AB] Xenotype: Pillux Mod: Alleyballey

Pillux were a creation of multiple mods mainly “outlands – genetics” and “alpha genes” (highly reccommend if you don’t have them already.) They were made to play a polluted playthrough with my sister, HannahBug, however I fell in love with them and wanted to use them more reliably. Hence the Pillux xenotype was made!

Xenotype: Pillux Mod Lore

Pillux were once a much less polluted species. This was forced to change, however when they discovered the power they had to change the land. Ill-mannered Pillux used toxifier generators without a thought for others. This transformed large portions of their world and forced many pillux who were incapable of relocating to adapt. Through many generations the genetic makeup of Pillux was altered. The wearing of gas masks became a thing of the past as their lungs began to accept the toxic air. Their blood changed with the extended exposure to pollution to a sizzling acid. It was only after those changes that they had the technology to travel off-world, however it would be too late for their genetics. They now populate many Rimworlds, either striving in polluted areas or trying to survive outside of it.

Do be careful when fighting a pillux due to the acidic burst that happens after they perish. This burst could be deadly as it covers all nearby in an acidic cloud, causing burns to the skin and internal organs if breathed in.


Are these Skaven or Skaven-like?
No, But you can use these genes to create your own Skavens!

How do I enable the optional genes?
Though there might be mod settings in the future… currently they are added to the pillux xenotype automatically when installed and enabled!

Compatibility notes

Known issues: When using a pillux scenario and obtaining a fleetkind colonist when asexual fission occurs the children will have both fleetkind and pillux traits. This does not affect the fission at all besides the bonus traits.

Mods that have optional genes [auto-patched in]:

  • Pollution Eater Gene
    + pollution eater gene
  • Roo’s Minotaur Xenotype
    + skin tones
    + estrous cycle
  • Roo’s HD Dreadlock Hairstyles
    + dreadlock hair only gene
  • Race – FairFox
    + rejection sensitive
  • [LTS] Xenotech
    + tusks
  • Scorchlanders
    + skin tones
  • Outlands – Genetics
    + skin tones
    + human teeth
    + mousy ears

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