World Map Beautification Project Mod

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Authors of the World Map Beautification Project Mod: m0nka*purr , Odeum

Beautify your game like never before with World Map Beautification Project Mod, a cosmetic upgrade for the world map that provides you with forests and hills. The additions to the world map should apply to old saves as well.

World Map Beautification Project Mod features

  • Forest graphics for your tiles, in up to 6 variants per biome! Note: Some biomes may not make use of the full range of variants.
  • New hill graphics!
  • Cosmetic canyons! Rivers will now carve through mountains, forming nice-looking canyons. Note: This is entirely cosmetic: Affected tile are still hilly/mountainous.


Is WMBP savegame compatible? Yes
Does WMBP influence gameplay or change worldgen? It does not. WMBP is entirely cosmetic. All biomes are still in the same places they would be without WMBP running.
Does WMBP support my favourite biome mod? Not yet! I plan to add support for the largest biome mods in the coming weeks.
Am I allowed to prostrate myself before you? You may.

Additional credits: m0nka for the hill and mountain sprites and Shakesthespeare for the preview image and banners

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

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