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We Are United Mod

Author of the We Are United Mod: MIS42NE

Unite with others, together We Are United! The “We Are United” Mod, formerly “Family Reunion”, allows you to recruit pawns who are related to your colonists or have no home.

We Are United Mod features

Right-click on the pawn with selected colonist and ‘Ask to unite’. [Sometimes the option doesn’t appear, just try a few more times in a different parts of texture]

When you ‘Ask to unite’, the selected colonist will try to recruit the targeted pawn with some chance.

Chance of success is calculated considering:

  1. Relation importance (Spouse is the most important relation in game, chance will be affected by 25%)
  2. Opinion of target about colonist (Max opinion of 100, chance will be affected by 50%)
  3. Social skill of colonist (Max skill level of 20, chance will be affected by 50%)

Conditions should be met:

  1. Target is not hostile.
  2. Both capable of talking.
  3. Both not downed.
  4. Target is recruitable.
  5. No enemies nearby.
  6. Both are humanlike.
  7. Recruiter is a permanent colonist and not slave.
  8. Target is not permanent colonist.
  9. Target is not slave of a different faction.

One of conditions should be met:

  1. Both somehow related(Partner, Family Member, etc.).
  2. Pawn has no faction(or ancient).

This mod is friendly solution for reunion, faction will not consider reunion as a hostile act.

Source: Github

Supported languages: English, Russian, French, Portuguese Brazilian.

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