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VGP Garden Medicine Mod

Author of the VGP Garden Medicine Mod: dismarzero

The VGP Garden Medicine Mod adds new medicine and drugs, and the ability to make neutroamine.

VGP Garden Medicine Mod features

New medicine

  • Flu Ez a drug for blocking flu. Lasts 5 days.
  • Ibuprofen a drug for reducing pain.
  • Antibiotics for reducing the amount of time for being sick and prevents infections. Lasts 3 days.
  • De-Worm prevents Gut worms and Muscle parasites. Take every 5 days
  • Mecha-Gone prevents fibrous and sensory mechanites. Takes every 15 days. Expensive to make.

Medicines now work for Animals Flu and Plague.

Make neutroamine

  • Hydroponic Ambrosia. Used in glitterworld medicine.
  • Make ultratech medicine.
  • Make Bandage kits. Used in make medicines.
  • Grow Tobacco and make Cigarillos.

Compatibility notes

The VGP Garden Medicine Mod does not require the Vegetable Garden Mod.

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