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[VF] Addon – Lost Vehicles Mod

Author of the [VF] Addon – Lost Vehicles Mod: Tec

Make use of the Vanilla ruined vehicles. This is an addon for the Vehicle Framework.

[VF] Addon – Lost Vehicles Mod features

(Only 1 vehicle for now)

Recommended Ideology (can work without). Otherwise the parts will be only obtainable through exotic traders.

Adds the various driveable vehicles. Tried a slightly different approach. You can deconstruct ideology ruined cars for a chance at getting usable parts. Or buy them from an exotic goods trader. Requires Significantly less resources than most Vehicles. Provides a slighter earlier vehicle for early industrial. Or if your lucky a lot earlier if you speed-run the research.

Originally Intended for the HSK modpack, however i uploaded here as i thought non-hsk users might want it.

Rusty Sedan

4 Seater.
270kg capacity
25 Fuel per day
50 Fuel Capacity
10.4 Moving Speed

Faster than most. Consumes fuel quickly. Damaged easily.

To build you need:

400 Steel
12 Industrial components
4 Usable Wheels
4 Usable Seats
4 Usable Car Chassis
2 Usable Car Frame
1 Usable Car Engine

With HSK Modpack:

6 ComponentIndustrial
4 Mechanism
2 ElectronicComponents
6 Plastic
6 Rubber
8 Wire
4 Glass
4 Usable Wheels
4 Usable Seats
4 Usable Car Chassis
2 Usable Car Frame
1 Usable Car Engine

Other Stuff

Salvage recipes to get more materials from salvaged parts.

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Version 1.5
[VF] Addon – Lost Vehicles Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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