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Vertibird Transport – Standalone Mod

Author of the Vertibird Transport – Standalone Mod: kurtus_mob

The Vertibird Transport – Standalone Mod introduces a reusable transport vehicle from the Fallout Universe to Rimworld.


  • Construction : after proper research, needs plastel, steel, a load of components and an AI Subpersona Core. This mod is voluntarily aimed at endgame, and the cost simply reflects the huge strategic advantage it provides.
  • May seriously detonate if damaged
  • Can be minified for practical use, even if one could consider it unrealistic
  • Transported pawn will eat, sleep and heal during the trip (won’t take ages though)
  • Cargo capacity : 1200 (Vertibird) and 800 (Vertihawk)
  • Maximum range at full tank : 65 hex (VB) / 130 hex (VH)
  • Too scared of flying ? Have some fun with the dedicated model kits and start a glorious exhibit


  • You need a pilot in the caravan, otherwise the aircraft will crash on landing (aka common sense)
  • The gift option will actually give EVERYTHING to the faction (aircraft + cargo)
  • Avoid map edges on landing, as the aircraft may disappear
  • On landing, the aircraft position will reset to north. Can’t do anything about this 🙁

Additional credits: AKreedz for the source code and Chicken Plucker for his support and his entire dedication to the community.


Version 1.4
Vertibird Transport – Standalone Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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