The Vegan Cult Challenge

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Challenges are custom self-imposed rulesets following a theme. These rules are meant to make the game more interesting, creating a unique story that makes sense in a specific context.

The Vegan Cult Challenge proposes a complete cease of animal products consumption, including the meals that contain meat. Harming animals is also prohibited, unless they are hostile towards you to begin with.

Vegan Diet

  • Allowed food

    • Simple Meal.
    • Nutrient Paste Meal.
    • Agave Fruit.
    • Berries.
    • Chocolate.
    • Corn.
    • Beer.
    • Potatoes.
    • Rice.
  • Forbidden food

    • Fine Meal.
    • Lavish Meal.
    • Pemmican.
    • Eggs.
    • Milk.

Other considerations

Your pawns cannot wear any fur, leather, or wool clothing. Only grown or synthetic materials are permitted.

Also, don’t forget to tell everyone that you are a vegan now.

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Recommended Mod

Use the Vegetable Garden mod to expand the amount of resources you can plant and cook!

Check it out!

The Vegan Cult Challenge Review
  • Originality
  • Fun


The Vegan Cult Challenge is an interesting adventure to take on that makes the game a little more challenging. Traveling in caravans without pemmican is probably the hardest struggle you will have to face if you decide to take on the Vegan Cult Challenge.