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Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod

Author of the Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod: Sir Van

Want some vanilla textures for your What the hack?!? Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod is perfect for you then! I always loved What the Hack but was never happy with its textures and wanted to take a swing at it. This is the result, hope you can enjoy !

Don’t forget to place it under What The Hack ?! for it to work properly.

Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod features


Q : There is a problem with a texture.
A : Scream loudly my way with a screen of the problem.

Q : The UI is not retextured ?
A : This is planned but for now no it’s not.

Q : Why did you do this, there’s already a retexture for it. (Yes i was already asked that)
A : Because i didn’t like the way it was made, and preferred to make my own !

Q : The Rogue AI doesn’t have animated eyes anymore ?
A : Not for now, it will get a change at one point.

Big thanks to roolo for his amazing mod that i always liked dearly !

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Version 1.4
Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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