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Van’s Retexture: Mechanitor Mod

Author of the Van’s Retexture: Mechanitor Mod: Sir Van

I wanted to get back to art and what more than doing a little retexture to bring up the mood, i wanted to have more consistency within the mechanitor apparels, i wanted to add more of that sweet red and industrial colours, so i did, hope you enjoy my art thingies!

If you use vanilla textures expanded, put that mod below for it to be applied.

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Van’s Retexture: Mechanitor Mod features


Q : I came here for the Mechlord suit, my world is crashing down at the fact that it’s not there, why ?
A : Yes i know, don’t worry it’ll be out at some point, i’m just very lazy when it comes to full apparels and couldn’t get my mind to it.

Q : I dislike that the packs are not colorable, is that something i can change ?
A : Nope, if really asked i’ll provide some white version in the files but that’s it.

Q : Will you make more ?
A : When i feel like it yeah !

Additional credits:

  • Thanks to xcom2 for existing and giving me with a hatred of %
  • Thanks to Elseud/Sandwish for helping my smooth brain figure out the simplest problems for the patches

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

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