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Vanilla Vehicles Expanded – Tier 3 Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Vehicles Expanded – Tier 3 Mod: Oskar Potocki, Taranchuk, Reann Shepard, Smash Phil, xrushha

Delve deeper into the world of vehicular advancements with the Tier 3 expansion for Vanilla Vehicles Expanded. While the term “Tier 3” might conjure up images of futuristic, sci-fi machines for some, my focus has remained on the creation of highly specialized and rare vehicles that add both depth and dimension to your in-game experience.

The expansion introduces a total of 11 meticulously designed vehicles. From the much-requested mobile artillery and functional refrigerated trucks to the robust tanks equipped with coaxial machine guns, there’s a vehicle to suit every need.

Adding a layer of engagement to the gameplay, these vehicles won’t be readily available off the bat. They’ll be discovered in their wrecked form, scattered across the map. To gain the knowledge and ability to manufacture these vehicles, players must first locate, recover, and restore them to their former glory. While these wrecked treasures can make an appearance on any map type, players will find a higher concentration on those with roads, adding an element of strategy in map selection and exploration.

Vanilla Vehicles Expanded – Tier 3 Mod features

This mod introduces many new vehicles, including:

  • Classic Cars: Elevate the spirits of your colonists with these vintage beauties. Not just for show, they serve a functional purpose, boosting morale when used.
  • Supercars: Built for the road, these are the epitome of speed, but only if your colony is connected to destination via roads.
  • Battle Tanks & Infantry Vehicles: Designed for combat, they come equipped with heavy armor and powerful guns. An asset for any colony facing threats.
  • Mobile Artillery: Respond to threats in real-time, raining a variety of shells upon your adversaries.
  • Versatile Helicopters: Meet diverse needs from cargo transport to troop movement with these airborne assets.

We’re committed to continuously enhancing the mod, so players can expect more exciting vehicles to be added in future updates. I hope you will enjoy what we have prepared!

This mod has undergone tremendous amounts of testing, but there may still be issues that you come across. It’s essential that you report any issues related to Vehicles Framework directly to Phil via the Framework mod page – not to me. I can’t fix these issues.

If you encounter any issues related to content in this mod, report them in the Bug Reporting discussion, but first read the instructions contained in that Bug Reporting discussion. Any bug reports in the comments section will be removed as soon as I see them.

Additional credits:

  • Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki.
  • Art help from ISOREX.
  • Code work by Smash Phil and Taranchuk.
  • XML by Smash Phil and xrushha
  • Storyteller artwork by vitalii.
  • Screenshots by Reel.
  • Descriptions by Reann Shepard.
  • Built on Vehicles Framework by Smash Phil.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Q: Where can I find change logs?
A: Check change notes.

Q: How do I construct Tier 3 vehicles?
A: You need to first find a wreck and restore it. Then, after you research the vehicle category, they will be buildable just like any vehicles.

Q: How do I repair a wreck of a Tier 3 vehicle?
A: You select it and press ‘Restore wreck’ gizmo. Your pawns will then attempt to bring resources to the wreck and construct a working vehicle.

Q: Where can I find wrecks of Tier 3 vehicles?
A: 1 random wreck spawns on any generated map. Additional wrecks spawn on tiles with a road on them.

Q: Can I fire modded shells from Udar?
A: Yes! Anything that can be fired from a mortar can also be fired from Udar.

Q: Can Udar fire across to other world tiles?
A: No.

Q: Why are you forcing us to find some wrecks and restore them? Why not just let us build the vehicles whenever we want?
A: You only need to find and restore the wreck once, and then you can research and build as many of that vehicle as you want. This is our way of making the content slower to acquire and more impactful, and if you disagree, you’re welcome to patch the mod to your liking. Mod options for that are not provided as the whole purpose of Tier 3 is the initial inability to construct those vehicles.

Q: Can refrigeration on Hermano be disabled? Does it work with no driver?
A: Yes, it can be disabled, and yes, items are refrigerated even if a driver isn’t in Hermano. It does however consume fuel constantly.

Q: Cherokee is based on Chinook, why doesn’t it allow us to transport both cargo AND people? Real life Chinook can transport X people!
A: Because Cherokee is our own implementation and it serves exclusively as a cargo transport vehicle. Louie is excellent for personnel transport, Cherokee exists for cargo transport. If we made one helicopter excellent in all the niches, it’s not really a specialised Tier 3 vehicle then, is it? We’re not interested in changing it, we will however add a crew space upgrade once Vehicle upgrades becomes a thing.

Q: Can I upgrade the vehicles?
A: Not yet. Vehicle upgrade system first needs to come to Vehicles Framework. Then, we will make use of it.

Q: Can I run people over?
A: Yes! And since the damage is based partly on vehicle speed, this means that acceleration plays a vital role in maximizing your damage output!

Q: Do vehicles take damage from running people over?
A: Yes, damage depends on the BodySize of the run over target.

Q: Can vehicles be minimized and reinstalled?
A: No. They are not technically buildings.

Q: Can vehicle turrets reload using resources in cargo storage?
A: Yes.

Q: Why do I need base VVE mod?
A: Because it adds all the components required to build vehicles, as well as other essential mechanics.

Q: Will you add more vehicles?
A: Absolutely, we have plans for many more Tier 3 vehicles that will be added to this mod.

Q: Why no boats?
A: I don’t know, I guess I didn’t feel like I want to add another boat just yet. Maybe later!

Q: Can I add it mid save?
A: Yes!

Q: CE compatible?
A: No idea. Ask CE.

Q: Is it compatible with mods that alter research?
A: Yes, our code will ensure mods that change how research works will respect the conditions added by this mod (such as having to find and restore the wreck).

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