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Vanilla Skills Expanded Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Skills Expanded Mod: legodude17, Oskar Potocki

Vanilla Skills Expanded is a new mod that expands on the vanilla skills system by introducing expertise to the extremely broad skill categories that vanilla has. Only 1 expertise per pawn can be gained. Expertise can only be gained in skills with both a passion and more than 15 levels. In addition, other mods can add more to account for their own additions of tasks.

Vanilla Skills Expanded Mod features

Expertise will allow your pawns to truly excel in specific skills that fit their abilities and backstories. From planet-known farmers and architects to professional chefs and master duelists, this mod aims to add much more character to all the pawns. Expertise is a permanent choice, so be careful what you pick!

This mod also introduces three new passion types – critical passion, natural passion and apathy!


A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yep!

Q: I don’t like certain expertise. Can I remove it?
A: No, simply don’t unlock it.

Q: Do NPC pawns spawn with expertise?
A: No, this aspect of the game is exclusive to the player colony. It makes no sense to force expertise on NPC. They don’t have their own simulated bases where an expert architect would come in handy.

Q: Does this mod work with EDB Prepare Carefully and Character Editor?
A: Yes!

Q: Is it compatible with another mod that adds passions?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Can I change the expertise?
A: No, expertise is a permanent choice.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: It should!

Q: Does this work with Duck’s Insane Skills?
A: Yes!

Q: Does this work with Mad Skills?
A: It should!

Q: Does this work with mods that transfer passions?
A: Most likely.

Compatibility notes

Known issues:

  • Incompatible with Madder Skills. I have contacted the author of that mod and they are working on a fix.
  • Incompatible with Static Quality Plus. Use Static Quality Stripped and Mad Skills instead.

No other issues are currently being tracked.

Additional credits:

  • Oskar Potocki, an artist responsible for passion icons and creative writing
  • Legodude17, a programmer responsible for mod design and programming

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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