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Vanilla Races Expanded – Waster Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Races Expanded – Waster Mod: Oskar Potocki, Sarg Bjornson

Vanilla Races Expanded is a brand new series of mods to enhance Biotech features, add to the storytelling and the world-building of RimWorld, and to introduce new, cool types ofxenohumans, complete with their own unique genes, behaviors, mechanics and items.

This time, we have turned our attention to Wasters. I was never a fan of how little benefit there is of having wasters in your colony, and how high maintenance they are when it comes to supplying them with yayo.

The mod brings an innovative mutation system into play, ensuring every Waster you encounter is distinctively different. Not just this, you might even stumble upon several diverse types of Wasters, each grotesquely twisted and mutated more than the last.
Waster Mod adds a new dimension to the game with brand-new structure – burn barrel, which you can use to buff your wasters through the new pollution genes, or deploy around your base to spread pollution quickly and efficiently, offering intriguing gameplay dynamics around pollution and waste. It also introduces several new genes and mutation-specific genes, expanding the scope for character development and game strategies. The system ensures no two Wasters are identical, providing a uniquely challenging experience every time.

Vanilla Races Expanded – Waster Mod features

Vanilla Races Expanded – Wasters adds following mechanics to the base game:


Q: Will this mod work without Biotech DLC?
A: No. It uses the new gene system to work with Biotech.

Q: Will you make a HAR version of this race?
A: No, this is exclusively for the Biotech DLC.

Q: How do mutations work?
A: Mutation is a random gene that turns into one of the predefined pollution related genes. They get passed down to offspring, meaning a child of two wasters will inherit all the mutations that their parents have – yes, you can make a super waster if you’re willing to selectively breed them.

Q: Do these genes appear in genepacks in the game?
A: They do! All the genes labelled as mutations are actually also normal genes that can be found or even selected at the start when designing a custom xenotype.

Q: What happens to existing Wasters?
A: They remain unchanged as the changes are not retroactive. They will not have the new genes.

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save?
A: Yes, but I don’t think you can safely remove xenotype mods, so don’t come crying when your game breaks if you remove mods!

Q: I have a suggestion!
A: Excellent! Pop it in the comments section.

Q: CE compatible?
A: I think so. We’re not adding any new weapons.

Additional credits:

  • Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki.
  • Code work by Sarg.
  • Gaunt body by Sarg.
  • Storyteller artwork by vitalii.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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