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Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Hemosage Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Hemosage Mod: Oskar Potocki, Taranchuk, Sir Van, Reann Shepard

Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Hemosage introduces a brand new Psycaster path that can be selected if Vanilla Psycasts Expanded is found – hemosage. A hemosage utilises the power of hemogen to control the battlefield, and the abilities are focused on magnifying the strength of a sanguophage.

Hemosage has access to a number of new psycasts that consume hemogen instead of generating psychic heat. Initiate blood focus to rapidly regenerate psyfocus, lob blood shards and sanguine spears at your enemies, vomit a thick mist of blood at your enemies causing them to go into vomiting spree, or force your enemies to give you the offering of blood. At the final level, you can open the skipgates to the ancient sanguophage place, generating a downpour of blood, greatly enhancing your psycasting capabilities.

With a new deathrest meditation focus, you can now build a meditation platform in your deathresting chambers, enhancing the XP gain of your psycaster.

Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Hemosage Mod features

Compatibility notes

This mod should be compatible with majority, if not most of the mods. It uses the Hemogen system, so it might not work correctly with mods that change or remove the Hemogen system.

It works with Vanilla Races Expanded – Sanguophage.
It works with Vanilla Races Expanded – Androids.

This mod requires Biotech DLC, as it relies on Sanguophages and Hemogen resource.

Additional credits:

  • Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer, responsible for most of the artwork and visual imagery as well as mod design.
  • Sir Van, an artist responsible for a few of the projectile artworks.
  • Taranchuk, a programmer responsible for the code.
  • Reann Shepard, a creative writer responsible for psycast descriptions.
  • Alternative artworks for psycaster paths generated using wombo art.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Q: Is this mod compatible with X?
A: Scroll up to the compatibility section please.

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save?
A: Yes, you should be able to add it to an ongoing save with no issues what-so-ever.

Q: Does this work with RimWorld of Magic?
A: Should do! We’re not touching anything they’re touching.

Q: CE Compatible?
A: No idea. If you find that out, let us know. We’re not doing the patching ourselves.

Q: Can I remove it from a save?
A: No idea. To be frank, when you’re removing the mods, you’re on your own. Warranty ends the moment you disable our mod and load a save.

Q: Can enemies use psycasts?
A: Yes! However, currently no pawn spawns with this path unlocked.

Q: How can I unlock this path?
A: The path will be locked until your pawn obtains Hemogenic gene.

Q: Can abilities on player pawns be set to autocast?
A: Yes, simply right-click them!

Q: Animat next?
A: Check my Patreon to find out what’s coming next. All information is there. Seriously.

Q: What is that thing on the image background? That turret/vehicle/whatever, where is that from?
A: It’s either from one of VE mods that already released, or another VE mod which still hasn’t. Patreon can show you what mods we’re currently developing.

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