Vanilla Ideology Expanded – Hats and Rags Mod

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Authors of the Vanilla Ideology Expanded – Hats and Rags Mod: Oskar Potocki, xrushha

Vanilla Ideology Expanded is a mini-series of mods aimed at expanding the content in ideology – be it memes, relics and symbols or icons alike.

This mod introduces many new headgear types and one new outfit type for your ideological pawns. No longer you will be limited by the selected few new headwraps and burkas for your Role generation – your leaders will now be able to wear amazing new headgear such as Horse mask or fez, while moralists will adorn themselves in rags, similar to those of typical monks.

On top of that, Vanilla Apparel Expanded apparel is also patched with this mod, allowing it to be desired by ideologies or specific roles! Of course it doesn’t mean it’s random or anything, on the contrary, you can now expect that your shooting specialists might require military apparel, while medical specialists will want to wear medical scrubs.

In case of any feedback or bug reports, please utilise the comment section of the mod on the Steam workshop.

A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yes, albeit to no effect, is ideologies are only created upon starting a new game. You can however edit ideologies in dev-mode.

Q: I don’t like certain apparel, how can I remove it?
A: At the moment there is no way to easily remove certain apparel pieces, you might need to learn xml editing and cut it out yourself. Make sure to cut it out of patches too.

Q: Can I suggest some new apparel?
A: Sure thing, but I doubt we will be adding many more. We already quadrupled tripled vanilla apparel options.

Q: Where should this mod be placed in the mod load order queue?
A: Anywhere under Ideology.

Q: Is it compatible with another mod that adds apparel?
A: I sure hope so.

Q: Does this work without Ideology?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: Actually… not yet, but the patch will surely come at some point!

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

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