Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security Mod

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Authors of the Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security Mod: Oskar Potocki, XeoNovaDan, Trunken

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security module, a spiritual successor to More Vanilla Turrets, is a result of hours upon hours of hard work. Every word and every stat in this mod have been carefully prepared to be as balanced and as “vanilla” as possible.

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security Mod features

Introducing new defenses for every era of the game – starting with hastily built neolithic cavalry spikes, medieval catapults and ballistas, industrial turrets, submersible defenses and artillery, and ending on spacer shield generators and advanced spacecraft railguns.

Several new types of structures you never knew you needed – short walls, acting like a balanced embrasure, trenches allowing your pawns to quickly traverse the battlefield whilst under the high cover from enemy fire and many, many more are waiting for you to explore.

This module introduces 27 new defense structures, all neatly filling up the Security tab in the Architect menu. With research technologies spread out across all stages of the game, this mod itself is enough to provide you with hours of entertainment.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security Mod Review
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  • Originality
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Got tired of the only 3 turrets available in vanilla? The Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security Mod will allow you to prepare properly for future raids with original and unique turrets!

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