Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod

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Authors of the Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod: Atlas, Oskar Potocki

It is no secret that RimWorld’s vanilla furniture lacks variety and depth. The team behind the Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod wanted to expand it, adding new furniture and research projects for all technology levels, whilst also keeping it Vanilla friendly. Listed below are the main focus points:

  • The furniture is not era specific, you can keep using it after upping your research level.
  • There are main technologies which add basic furniture. Other specialized furniture has its separate technology tree.
  • Comes with different beds, each having its own stats and requirements.
  • Graphics are vanilla friendly.
  • Mechanics are vanilla friendly. It doesn’t introduce overly complicated tech trees.
  • This mod is one of many other modules. This one comes with main technologies only. Any technologies on top of that are released in form of additional mods.
  • Doesn’t introduce any new resources.
  • Most of the furniture should be able to use stuff to make. There is nothing worse than being stuck with an item color that you don’t really want!

Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod features

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod Review
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The Vanilla Furniture Expanded Mod adds a huge amount of new furniture and it really does deliver on its “vanilla friendliness”. It will feel like these items have always been part of the game. There’s a lot of new tiers for early bases and for end-game bases so you can totally spoil your pawns. Create awesome recreacional rooms to keep your pawns entertained! This mod is perfect for everyone who is looking for a more immersive experience!

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