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Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Farming Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Farming Mod: Oskar Potocki, dninemfive

The Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Farming Mod is a great way to boost the efficiency of your colonies when it comes to providing food on the table. With a plethora of new hydroponics – one for early game and one for late game, you can really witness the technological progression of your colony – and gain more enjoyment from the game itself.

A very popular request on all suggestion threads on RimWorld Ludeon forums is draggable hydroponics – at this point I believe it’s my duty to deliver, hence all three kinds of hydroponics now have a draggable version! Make it any shape you want!

New structures by the likes of animal feeder, a sprinkler and a scarecrow have been added, each with unique code to make them feel more authentic. The scarecrow will actually make animals flee, hence stopping them from devouring all your precious potatoes!

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Farming Mod features

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