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Vanilla Backstories Expanded Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Backstories Expanded Mod: Oskar Potocki, Reann Shepard, legodude17, erdelf

Vanilla Backstories Expanded was a mod suggested by my patrons right after we released Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded and everyone thought that was the mod adding backstories. It wasn’t. This one is.

Vanilla Backstories Expanded Mod features

This mod features over 150 backstories, carefully selected from the submissions from our Patrons and testers, as well as quite a large number of backstories written by us, VE team members. I have ran a little experiment and asked various people from our community channels to write their own backstory that reflects what they do in real life, but placed in RimWorld universe. Some submissions have been absolutely stellar, and that inspired us to put them in the game.

We have paid extreme attention to making sure that they all fit the game perfectly. They should be very well balanced as well – we made several balance passes and ran a VE-team vote on the most fitting backstories.

If you find any typos or issues, please be sure to let us know, telling us which specific backstory you have found a problem with!

Full list of backstories

Pirate Chef, Gene-Modded Beauty, Human Farm, Housecarl, Fanatic Inventor, Cave-in Survivor, Industrial Gunsmith , Slave Trader, Model Citizen, Midworld Nomad, Dog Walker, Starfighter Maintainer, Watchman, Fashion Designer, Aimless Dilettante, Cannibalistic Surgeon, Lone Traveller, Troupe Child, Living Cure, Cannonfodder, Cyber Dilettante, Tomb Maker, Genetic Reincarnation, Drill Operator, Walker Engineer, Freak, Propagandist, Lighthouse Keeper, Atomic Bombardier, Bureaucratic Programmer, Barber , Addicted Gamer, Vatgrown Colonist, Structural Engineer, Wretched Child, Forced Primitivist , Gifted Burnout, Forgotten Child, Demoscener, Industrial Tinkerer, Information Sponge, Reincarnated Soul, Lighting Assistant , Silo Manager, Pushover, Commenter, Research Scientist, Urbworld War Student, Anomalous Creature Researcher, Fringe Sh1tposter, Rudie, Ship Salvager, Civil Rights Activist, Urbworld Rioter, Mariner, Human Supremacist, Food Critic, Preservationist Ruler, Marineworld Researcher, Informant, Eldest Caretaker, Oracle, Apprentice, Medieval Page, Translator, Butler/Maid, Abandoned Colonist, Corporate Spy, Bull leaper, Drone Operator, Cult Leader, Adventurous Dreamer, Standard-bearer, Midworld Programmer, Landsknecht, Criminal Priest, Industrial Soldier, Landscape Painter, Dietetician, Art Critic, Industrial World Counterterrorist, Chemist, Tax Collector, Reluctant Cadet, Orphan Thief, Private Contractor, Mattress Tester, Extranet Troll, Pirate Kid, Prosecuted War Veteran, Incompetent Pilot, Marauder, Archotech Fanatic, Pond Designer, Cryonic, Master of ceremonies, Chemfuel Farmer, Cog in The Machine, Train Driver, Cloned Heir, Medical Prodigy, Corrupt Politician, Imperial Circus Performer, Corporate Mascot, Deep Space Scrapper, Aquaponic Worker, Stew Cooker, Starving Artist, Foreman, Gallery Janitor, Hostess In Training, Tuner Punk, Olive Farmer, Florist, Child of The Anima Tree, Animatronic Mechanic, Sim-raised, Blacksmith Apprentice, Junior Jeweler, Jeweler, Blood Knight, Medieval Orphan, Strange Child, Traveling Locksmith, Pod Child, Child Soldier, Forsaken Patriot, Bloodline Founder, Deposed Royalty, Bioweapon, Catastrophe, Nature Lover, Doomsayer, Enlisted Teen, Rocker, Sommelier , Desert Survivor, Literary Critic, Rodent Rancher, Pathological Liar, Blackguard, Bounty Hunter, Thane, Trainee Combat Medic, Old War Survivor, Privateer Captain, Centurion’s Deputy, Android Hunter, Lifelong Personal Assistant, Former Chief Financial Officer, Noir Detective, Cosplay Enthusiast, Military Surplus Supplier.


A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yep! The new backstories will start appearing!

Q: I don’t like certain backstories. Can I toggle them off?
A: No, you’d need to dive into the xml and remove the backstories you dislike.

Q: Are there any tribal/imperial backstories?
A: Yes of course, there are backstories for various different faction types.

Q: Are there any childhood backstories?
A: Yes! Numerous!

Q: Is it compatible with another mod that adds backstories?
A: Should be!

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: I’d say so.

Additional credits:

  • Oskar Potocki, an artist responsible for passion icons and creative writing
  • Legodude17, a programmer responsible for helping us putting backstories into the game
  • Erdelf, a programmer who wrote the code to inject backstories into the game
  • Reann, a writer who helped us with some backstories

Special thanks to testers and patrons who wrote the backstories!

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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