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Vanilla Animals Expanded — Waste Animals Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Animals Expanded — Waste Animals Mod: Oskar Potocki, Sarg Bjornson, Sir Van

Embrace the toxic side of nature with the “Vanilla Animals Expanded – Waste Animals” mod! This unique mod expands the range of creatures found in highly polluted biomes, diversifying the environmental challenges and adding an extra layer of depth to your gameplay experience.

Venture into the contaminated world and encounter new waste animals specific to their biomes. Meet the resilient Wastefallos in the frozen tundras, confront the fearsome Pestigators lurking in the murkiest swamps, and tread cautiously among packs of ravenous Toxlions that spread the dreaded Toxflu with each bite.

Unlike the base game’s Biotech DLC, which features only Toxalopes and Toxrats in every biome, this mod tailors the waste animals to their respective habitats, ensuring diverse and dynamic ecosystems teeming with life – even in the most inhospitable environments.

But beware the consequences of your own pollution! Generate too many Wastepacks and risk triggering a new event that attracts hordes of waste animals to your map, threatening the stability of your local ecosystem and putting your colony in peril. Manage your waste production and strike a delicate balance between progress and preservation in this unpredictable, toxic world.

Vanilla Animals Expanded — Waste Animals Mod features

  • A diverse range of biome-specific waste animals for a more immersive and challenging experience.
  • The introduction of many new waste animals, including Toxbears, Wastefallos, and even Megatardi – each with their own unique abilities and threats.
  • A new event that dynamically reacts to the player’s pollution levels, attracting waste animals and endangering the local ecosystem.
  • Complements the base game and Biotech DLC, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

The Vanilla Animals Expanded: Waste Animals Mod adds following animals to the base game:


Q: Do the animals spawn randomly in biomes?
A: Yes, but only in polluted biomes.

Q: What animals arrive via the Waste Animals wander in event?
A: Only animals that would appear naturally in the biome you’re in.

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new animals?
A: No. This mod is complete and there will not be any new animals added to it. Probably. Who knows.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like. Of course, removing can be problematic.

Q: CE compatible?
A: Surely will be, if it isn’t already!

Q: Do I need Biotech DLC for this mod to work?
A: Yes!

Q: Does this mod work on 1.2 or some other version?
A: Check the supported versions on the right. This mod won’t work correctly on unsupported versions.

Q: Can I ride megatardis to battle?
A: With correct mods, you can do way more with megatardis than just riding them to battle. But they are a great pack animal.

Q: Will I still see toxalopes and wasterats?
A: Yes, they still populate ALL polluted biomes. We just add unique animals for specific biomes.

Additional credits:

  • Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki and Sir Van.
  • Code work created by Sarg Bjornson.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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