USCM – Colonial Marines Corps Faction Mod

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Author of the USCM – Colonial Marines Corps Faction Mod: Hiztaar

Core Mod required!
The USCM – Turret mod requires the USCM – Core Mod in order to work. Please, ensure you have it installed and on a higher position in the mods list.

The USCM – Colonial Marines Corps Faction Mod introduces the USCM Colonial Marines Faction. This faction is composed of USCM soldiers. It will create a military base on the world map and requires a new game to work properly.

USCM – Colonial Marines Corps Faction Mod features

  • The faction behaves like any other and may be allied with the player or angered, eventually becoming an enemy.
  • The soldiers from the faction will wear a complete USCM armor set and an USCM weapon.
  • All armor and clothes are made with cloth.
This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

United States Colonial Marines Pack

The United States Colonial Marines have landed on this planet! Join their forces and fight incredibly powerful alien races with new and improved equipment!

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Version: 1.3

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.3

Older versions Beta 18 Beta 19 1.0
USCM - Colonial Marines Corps Faction Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Fun


It is interesting and certainly original to have a faction with such a military presence from which you can buy items only sold by them.

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