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Uplifted Animals Mod

Author of the Uplifted Animals Mod: HopeSeekrHopeSeekr

The Uplifted Animals Mod adds a new drug, ALZ-112: A neurogenerative mRNA drug that either greatly increases intelligence and strength or kills any being exposed. It is usually 90% fatal in untested animals and humans.

For animals (and humans) that it does succeed on, they are Uplifted to sentience (self-awareness) and massively increased sentience and slightly increased speed and strength.

If they survive, any animal exposed to ALZ-112 will become a more integral part of your colony, complete with Backstory, Full name, a Skill Set, and the ability to be trained to Attack and Haul, and if they are big enough, Rescue.

See the article Science or Science Fiction? Uplifting Animals for more.


NOTE: Uplifting a pawn takes quite a long time, as the mRNA virus has to rewrite the DNA and then rebuild every cell of the creature. It will probably take more than 200 Uplifting attempts per exposure.

During this time, the creature will be unable to fend for itself and will be in something similar to a complete catatonic breakdown, but with a greatly-increased (5x) appetite.

Each uplifting attempt will occur every 90 in-game minutes (16 attempts every 24 hours).

215 / 16 = 12.5 days, average, though sometimes it can take 30 or 40 days. Rarely 7 days or less.

You can see the Uplift Attempt number inside the Health tab.

Compatible Animals

As per the dictates of The High Evolutionary, HopeSeekr, ALZ-112 has been perfected for the following animals:

  • Raccoons
  • Thrumbos

For compatible animals, the chance of death is greatly diminished to just about 1 out of 81 odds.

Each animal will receive the following enhancements:

  • Full name.
  • Full backstory.
  • Ability to Haul (if big enough).
  • Ability to Rescue (if big enough).
  • 150% Consciousness
  • 115% Moving speed
  • 150% Manipulation
  • 125% Sight
  • 125% Hearing
  • 200% Metabolism (faster healing + immunity)
  • High likelihood of Full Uplifting (e.g., become a non-Human Colonist in your colony).
  • Lifespan is dramatically extended.

Incompatible Animals

For incompatible animals and Humans, the chance of death is randomly decided, anywhere from 100% instant death to 6.5% (1 out of 15), with an average distribution of 40% Lethality.

Each animal will receive the following enhancements:

  • 150% Consciousness.
  • Ability to Haul (if big enough).
  • Ability to Rescue (if big enough).
  • Very, very slim chance of Full Uplifting (e.g., become a Colonist in your colony).

You can see the Lethality Odds of any exposed creature directly in the Health tab.



Humans are not likely to survive exposure, though it is possible. Any human that survives will have the following enhanced attributes:

  1. Cured of Luciferium Addiction.
  2. Cured of all brain ailments (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Trauma Savant, and cataracts).
  3. 150% vision (stacks with bionics).
  4. 150% hearing (stacks with bionics).
  5. 300% consciousness (stacks with other attributes).
  6. 150% global work speed.
  7. Enhanced Immune System (equivalent of continual Penoxycyline).
  8. Lifespan is dramatically extended to 250 years.


You MUST immediately save and reload the game after each successful Uplifting.

This mod does really strange things that RimWorld wasn’t exactly made to handle. Especially when pushing animals up to Full Sentience (members of the Colony), we need the SaveGame sanity fixers to come in and tweak things for everything to work right.

Otherwise, the main symptom of Uplifting Psychosis is that the Pawn will just stay in the same place, never sleep, never eat, and be unrescuable and unfeedable and eventually die.

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