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Ultrasonic Pollution Purifier Mod

Author of the Ultrasonic Pollution Purifier Mod: ØverPL

A new way to get rid of that annoying pollution.

Ultrasonic Pollution Purifier Mod features

This mod adds a large radious polluton pump with a built-in atomizer. It has higher construction/power cost and better performance than the vanilla ones.

Needed Research

  • Wastepack atomizer
  • Toxin filtration

Building Cost

  • x750 Steel
  • x100 Plasteel
  • x3 Advanced Component
  • x2 Nano structuring Chip

Power Consumption

  • 4200 W


Absorbing wastepacks

  • 50 tiles radious
  • 1 absorbed Wastepack per 10 tiles
  • 1 tile –> 3 in-game hours

Wastepack atomization

  • 1 atomization –> 6 in-game hours
  • Capacity of x30 Toxic Wastepack


  • Has to be built outside

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