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Ugh You Got Me Mod

Author of the Ugh You Got Me Mod: marvinkoshmarvinkosh

Every since social interaction was added to RimWorld, there have been instances where colonists have beaten each other bloody, sometimes into unconsciousness and sometimes even to death. “Ugh You Got Me” is a simple mod that aims to reduce the number of these instances by doing a few basic checks.

First of all, in vanilla a fight lasts at least 7 real-time seconds. The mod reduces that minimum time to 4 seconds. As usual, the fight can go on a little longer than that. Secondly, while social fighting, each of the two parties involved can choose to end the fight if they are in too much pain. Or, if they have taken a number of blows to the torso, they will also stop.

Colonists with the Masochist trait will ignore pain for the purposes of deciding whether to stop fighting. Colonists with the Bloodlust trait will only stop social fighting when their opponent gives in, dies, or is downed. This is also the usual vanilla behaviour.

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