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Tribal Backstories Mod

Author of the Tribal Backstories Mod: Shenanigans

The Tribal Backstories Mod adds over 50 new backstories for tribal pawns.

Tribal Backstories Mod features

This mod adds 28 childhood backstories and 28 adulthood backstories for tribals.



Doll Maker
+5 Crafting
PAWN NAME was often put in charge of watching over the younger children. To entertain them, HE/SHE learned to make dolls out of dried leaves. HIS/HER dolls were so popular that HE/SHE was eventually given other, more valuable, materials to make them with.

Twig Collector
+3 Construction
+2 Plants
PAWN NAME helped to collect twigs and branches to keep HIS/HER tribe’s fires lit. HE/SHE enjoyed stacking the twigs up into little forts and tepees, discovering how to make sturdier and sturdier versions of the tiny structures.

Child Warrior
+4 Melee
+4 Shooting
After many years of war with a much stronger tribe, PAWN NAME’s people were all but wiped out. With very few able-bodied adults left to fight, the children of the tribe, including PAWN NAME, were forced to take up arms to defend their homes and loved-ones.


Escaped Sacrifice
+3 Melee
+Nimble Trait
PAWN NAME was the sole survivor of another tribe’s raid on HIS/HER village. Taken prisoner, HE/SHE was intended as a sacrifice to appease the enemy’s bloodthirsty god. Through strength, cunning, and luck, PAWN NAME made a daring escape.

Night Watch
+4 Melee
+4 Shooting
-2 Social
+Night Owl Trait
While the rest of HIS/HER tribe slept, PAWN NAME kept watch for danger lurking in the night. HE/SHE spent so much time in quiet darkness, that HE/SHE found the hustle and bustle of the day time to be unbearable.

Vision Guide
+5 Plants
+4 Medicine
+Chemical interest Trait
+Spawns with Psychite Tea in inventory
With the aid of hallucinogenic plants, PAWN NAME helped to guide members of HIS/HER tribe on their spiritual journeys.

Full List


Aspiring Hunter
Child Warrior
Apprentice Healer
Raised By Wolves
Apprentice Weaver
Banished Child
Creepy Child
Twig Collector
Child of an Exile
Tree Climber
Doll Maker
Child of The Chief
Bait Collector
Mud Mixer
Cannibal Child
Board Game Master
Ward of the Tribe
Plague Survivor
Rock Collector
Curious Child
Spoiled Child
Caravan Child
Rat Chaser
Cursed Child (Idea by Waterleaf. Request: “CURSED CHILD CURSED CHILD”)
Child Sacrifice (Idea by Waterleaf. Request: “Child sacrifice”)
Stolen Child (Idea by Waterleaf. Request: “Stolen from a faction of higher power” )


Sacred Dancer
Future Chief
Escaped Sacrifice
Calendar Keeper
Beast Master
Monument Carver
Night Watch
Captured Pillager
Broken Slave
Desperate Scavenger
Water Carrier
Waste Hauler
Vision Guide
Fur Trader
Record Keeper
Club Hunter
Sacred Tree Tender
Cave Painter
Plough Puller
Spirit Speaker
Fraudulent Witch Doctor (Idea by Waterleaf. Request: “Witch doctor who would prescribe false medicine”)
Crazed Warrior (Idea by Waterleaf. Request: “Actually just insane.”)

Compatibility notes

If you have the Royalty DLC, Pawns with these backstories will have the Natural meditation focus and will be able to meditate at the anima tree. Keep in mind, if you’re mixing and matching backstory types with a mod, the natural meditation focus comes from having a tribal childhood background. If you do not have the Royalty DLC, you can ignore this. You do not need Royalty or Ideology to use this mod.

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