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Trait and Backstory Icons Mod

Author of the Trait and Backstory Icons Mod: superniqui10

The Trait and Backstory Icons Mod adds icons to traits and backstories on the pawn bio tab. It also makes capitalization of trait labels of mods consistent with vanilla (all lower-case except the first letter).

Backstory icons are based on: Meditation Focus (A tree) -> Forced Traits (Same as trait) -> Is part of a solid bio (Marked as a single star) -> Culture Tags (using the ideology culture icons)

Also makes What’s That Mod apply to traits too if it is active.

Trait and Backstory Icons Mod features

The Trait and Backstory Icons Mod contains icons for:

  • [65/65] Vanilla
  • [2/2] Biotech
  • [53/53] Vanilla Traits Expanded
  • [1/1] Vanilla Ideology Expanded – Memes and Structures
  • [1/1] Vanilla Fishing Expanded
  • [1/1] Vanilla Psycasts Expanded
  • [2/2] Vanilla Factions Expanded – Pirates
  • [15/15] [SYR] Individuality
  • [7/7] [LCK] Add-On for Vanilla Traits Expanded
  • [44/44] [KV] Consolidated Traits
  • [2/2] Humanoid Alien Races
  • [1/1] Anthromorphs
  • [1/1] Ultratech: Altered Carbon Remastered
  • [4/4] Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • [3/3] Combat Extended
  • [30/30] [DN] Bundle Of Traits
  • [9/9] RPG Traits+ [1.3-1.4]
  • [1/1] Pawnmorpher
  • [2/2] Medieval Overhaul
  • [1/1] Any mod that adds a trait named “Straight” like Sexuality Traits
  • [1/1] Any mod that adds a trait named “Misanthrope” like [O21] Tweaks Galore

Mods with a single icon for all their traits:

  • A RimWorld of Magic
  • Dreamer’s Dreams

Mods that have added their own support:

  • [MLP] My Little RimPony

[10/10] As a fall-back, if the mod is not supported by it’s own icons [SYR] Trait Value (Recomended over alternatives) or RimTraits – Vanilla Trait Colors will be used to assign an icon instead. You may disable this feature by removing the “syrchalis.traitvalue” and “sierra.rt.vanillatraitcolors” folders.

Notes for modders:

Other mods can add their own by putting the icons on the “TexturesUITraitIcons[packageId of mod the trait is from]” path as they would any other texture, with the name equal to the display name of the corresponding trait but in all lower-case except the first letter, which must be capitalized. (If the trait is a degree of another mod’s trait, or you are renaming another mod’s trait, place it under that mod’s package id).

If [SYR] Trait Value is active, any mod without icons that has Trait Value support will use the icon named after its category: “Best trait”, “Very good trait”, “Good trait”, “Neutral trait”, “Bad trait”, “Very bad trait”, “Worst trait”; prioritizing any instance in the folder corresponding to the source mod packageId. RimTraits – Vanilla Trait Colors has similar support: the name is the hex color used in the label.

Other mods that change trait colors like Trait Rarity Colors will be compatible but will not have their own icons.

Any mod with a “Default” icon will use it for all of their icons which do not have their own, this allows for one icon to represent the whole mod, this is used for the traits of some of them.

Used icons from https://game-icons.net, with some modifications.

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