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Trading House Mod

Author of the Trading House Mod: Farmer Joe

Added a Trading House Interface which let player colony accept notification for upcoming Trading Day and participate in the event.

Trading House Mod features

How to Use

  • Once build, trading house console will show the time left until next trading day, which is random between 5 to 15 days.
  • During the waiting period. player can put item or Prisoner/Slave/Animal on auction
  • Player can only put ONE item per console. and each console has separate auction cooldown
  • Available payment method are Silver and Gold(more can be added by editing the xml def)
  • Player are able to choose prefer item categories. or choose None for all item type.

Once the trading start. random faction leader will raise on the item with random amount per raise. The chance that someone else will raise corresponding to current price. the higher the price the lower the chance someone will raise.

If timer run out with your pawn as the last raise, the corresponding amount of chosen payment type will be deduct from your stockpile within range of trade beacon, then your item will arrive in dropped within 20 cell radius of trading Console. if no available cell are in range, a random valid cell in map will be chose.

In the event your colony doesn’t have enough money, you won’t get the item but their are no penalty atm.


Q: Can this be added mid-save?
A: Yes. there should be no problem

Q:Can this be removed mid-save?
A:Probably yes. there should only be one-time error. but generally you shouldn’t be removing mod mid-save


Version 1.5
Trading House Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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