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Trader ships Mod

Author of the Trader ships Mod: AUTOMATIC

The Trader ships Mod adds trader spaceships to the game. Ships will visit your colony, preferring landing pads (either from royalty expansion, or landing zone designation added by this mod), and trade with you just like visiting caravans, without the need for trade beacons or comms console. Trader ships are meant to replace orbital traders, but you can set both to be active in settings.

Ship traders use the same inventories as orbital traders. Mods that add more traders, like Let’s Trade, are compatible: you’ll get traders from those mods as trade ships.

Compatibility notes

The Trader ships Mod does not require Royalty.

This mod should be safe to add to a save game. Removing it when the ship is mid-flight will break the game (black screen and constant error messages). Otherwise, you will get some error lines in log but game should recover.

Translations contributed by:
Azarashi (Esp) – Spanish


Version 1.4
Trader ships Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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