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Tradeable Trinkets Mod

Authors of the Tradeable Trinkets Mod: Captain Muscles, Mlie

The Tradeable Trinkets Mod adds four types of craftable trinket items to the game. Trinkets can be used as a new type of joy item, and trinkets of above-average quality can be sold for a profit!

Tradeable Trinkets Mod features

Adds 4 new item types:


  • Requires 10 fabric or leather.
  • Crafted at a Crafting Spot or Tailoring Bench.
  • Uses Artistic skill.


  • Requires 10 stone or wood.
  • Crafted at a Crafting Spot or an Art Bench.
  • Uses Artistic skill.

Rim Boy

  • Requires 10 steel and 1 component.
  • Crafted at a Machining Table.
  • Uses Crafting skill.


  • Requires 10 plasteel and 1 advanced component.
  • Crafted at a Fabrication Bench.
  • Uses Crafting Skill.

The value of trinkets is designed so that good quality trinkets will sell for the same price you can buy the ingredients from traders for, not including trader skill modifiers. This means you need a crafter of skill 12+ to reliably make a profit from purchased materials.

Trinkets stack up to 25 unless modified by another mod.

Trinkets can be used as a joy object by pawns, who will pick them up and play with them. If you add this to an existing save, pawns may seem to prefer them over any other form of entertainment. This will correct itself over time after pawns have a chance to get “bored” with the new option.

Additional credits:

  • Concept and design: Darth Alpha
  • Item Art: SirLalaPyon
  • Coding: Captain Muscles

This mod was requested at the Rimworld Mod market.


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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