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Toddlers Mod

Author of the Toddlers Mod: Cyanobot

New life stage: Toddler

  • 1- and 2-year-old pawns are no longer completely passive objects
  • toddlers cannot work, but can move around and interact with the world
  • toddlers gain capabilities over time – configurable
  • young toddlers are blocked by doors and can be confined to their cribs, but once they learn to walk they can also open doors and climb out of cribs
  • toddlers can fill their play need on their own for a while, but still need regular adult interaction
  • older toddlers can feed themselves if baby food is left where they can reach it

Improved babies

  • no expectations
  • configurable rate of fall for Play need
  • babies are no longer made of antifreeze – configurable
  • make baby clothes to protect your babies and toddlers from the elements

Compatibility notes

  • safe to add to existing saves
  • not necessarily safe to remove from saves – may still work but will throw a lot of errors, experiment at your own risk
  • known issue with Facial Animation – toddlers render with vanilla faces while moving and animated faces while at rest
  • known issue with Dubs Bad Hygiene – toddlers cannot drink without assistance


  • Dubs Bad Hygeine patch
  • (hopefully) Facial Animation patch
  • toddlers play with items (on/off toggle for dangerous play)
  • insulated cribs
  • more ways to keep a toddler occupied in the crib

With thanks to:

  • wep of wepfont.com for Atmospheric font
  • the Rimworld discord for answering my C# questions
  • Dress Patients and Injured Carry for inspiration/example code that helped me get the dress toddler and carry toddler interactions working

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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