TMC Weapon Pack Mod

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Author of the TMC Weapon Pack Mod: Tittymcswaggy

TMC Weapon Pack offers weapons from previous TMC Armory mods along with some new weapons.

TMC Weapon Pack Mod features

Enjoy a number of boomsticks from handguns, rifles and shotguns to things such as mounted heavy machine gun and 155mm Howitzer because they are considered to be “small arms” according an armory guy.


For Combat Extended users, you will also have access to new ammo type:

  • Armor-Piercing Plasteel ( APP ), AP ammo using plasteel core with improved performance.(5.56NATO,5.45Soviet, 7.62×51 NATO, 7.62×39 Soviet and 7.62x54mmR).
  • AP Slugs, Shotgun slugs now with more a bit more armor penetration ( Currently only for 12 Gauge)

Planned things for future update, in no specific order and may be changed:

  • Weapons with Night vision And/or Thermal sight ( mainly for CE but I will try figure something vanilla users)
  • Surplus firearms
  • Spacer prototypes/ early-spacer weapons/ whatever things that might look spacer tech but not too advanced.
  • And more… (Seriously I can put more words in here so I will figure what else can I do later on).


Q : Is this save compatible ?
A : Yes it is. You can add it midsave.

Q : Is it compatible with Combat Extended ?
A : Yes . This mod is CE compatible by default.

Q : Where can I find these guns?
A : You can find them in the TMC Weapon Table in the Production tab.

Q : Will you make this compatible with X mod?
A : Sorry, If I don`t use that mod then I probably will not make a patch for it due to lack of time. You are welcome to make any patches for my mod, just remember to have my mod as a dependency and credit it.

Q : Can I support you in anyway ?
A : You can donate to my kofi if you love my mod, although I`m already happy that you are using mod. Any donation you made would give me a chance to develop something new or just help me get a cup of coffee.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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