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The Witcher Trials Mod

Authors of the The Witcher Trials Mod: Imoja, ib2grh8

The Witcher Trials Mod allows you to research the ancient Witcher trials and perform the procedures on your pawns. Note that this operations will unbalance vanilla pawns, and failed trials may result in death!

The Witcher Trials Mod features

You are able to research and perform:

  • The Trial of the Grasses: The first trial. The body is manipulated with herbs, toxins and poisons. This primarily affects the nervous system.
  • The Trial of the Dreams: The second trial. The mutation of the eyes, hormones and bone marrow is performed.
  • The Trial of the Elders: The final trial. Forgotten practices were once performed on the witchers. You too can uncover these secrets, and pay the price.
  • The Witcher art of Metalurgy: Create Steel swords, folded using witcher techniques. Heavier and harder than any other steel. Create Silver Swords, hardened with runes and witcher oils. Lighter and sharper than any other sword.

Only one trial can be enabled per pawn. If you perform a new one, it will override the previous one. This is expected behaviour as it’s easier to calculate the balance of the mod when only one Trial is being applied to the stats.

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