The Survival Reality Show Scenario

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Author of the The Survival Reality Show Scenario: Modi Operandus

Welcome and congratulations! You are now the producer of the universe’s favorite and most thrilling game show: “RimWorld: The Survival Reality Show”. As producer you will help guide the contestants as the drama unfolds and do your best to keep them alive (at least until they are no longer needed, but more on that later).

You will be in charge of making production and set decisions, guiding the contestants in facing challenges, and then handling the execution of each of the shows exciting tribunals, where contestants will make their feelings known and vote off one colonist every 5 days.

Your faction will be a colony, starting with 10 people that will arrive in drop pods. There is an interestelar planetkiller weapon approaching the planet. When it hits, it will destroy all life (46 days).

Rules of the game

  1. Spend the first few days building a tribunal hall and some homes for the contestants.
  2. Every 5 game days (at 18h) the colony must be gathered to vote one colonist into exile. Bring the colonists to the tribunal gathering point and pause the game. Each colonist will vote for their least liked person. Look under the social tab. Their lowest scored person is whom they would vote to exile. The colonist with the most votes is exiled and removed from the set. If there is a tie, look at each person’s second least favorite colonist, and so on.
  3. When an exile is chosen, put him into a caravan and send him out into the wilderness. You can have the exiles settle in a new location if you choose to, or just let them wander until they lose their minds or starve. (You can continue to help the exiled survive if you like. It is completely up to you.)
  4. The game continues until two colonists remain.
  5. The final round is decided by mood. Whomever has the highest mood at 18h on day 45 wins, and the producers will remove the winner from the planet (to return for a future “all stars” series presumably).
  6. On day 46 a planetkiller weapon will destroy the set to make way for the next season.
  • You will start with

    • Research: Stonecutting
    • Research: Microelectronics basics
    • Silver x800
    • Packaged survival meal x100
    • Medicine x30
    • Component x30
    • Survival rifle
    • Pistol x6
    • Plasteel knife x3
    • Steel x1000
    • Wood x1000
  • Incidents disabled

    • Wanderer join
    • Chased refugee
    • Refugee pod crash


Version: 1.4

This scenario is not updated to RimWorld V1.4

Older versions Beta 18

The Survival Reality Show Scenario Review
  • Originality
  • Fun


The Survival Reality Show Scenario can be a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of survival reality shows this is definitely a scenario you must try, though most of the fun depends on your own imagination.

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