RimWorld Mods

The Profaned Mod

Author of the The Profaned Mod: Botch_Job

Adds a new xenotype with their own hostile faction, undead creatures, weapons, apparel, items, structures and more.

The Profaned Mod features


These people are cursed to exist in a state between life and death. Although they yet retain their humanity, the Profaned are shunned and exiled by most cultures.

Unsurprisingly, their partially decayed bodies make them extremely unpleasant to be around and renders them slow moving with poor manipulation. They are also infertile, weak to fire and dislike sunlight.

Undeath does have its advantages however as they require less nutrition and rest, are highly resistant to cold, immune to all diseases and toxins, feel no pain and cannot die through natural means.

*Requires Vanilla expanded framework for the xenotype visuals, otherwise they’re just green dudes.

A legion of profaned compelled to serve a malevolent, mysterious entity, believed by many to be the source of their curse. Whoever they may have been before, it no longer matters, all that they know now is the will of their master.

In battle they make use of undead creatures and rot stink to overwhelm and demoralise their enemies.

Undead Creatures

The creatures can appear in raids from the faction and rarely as wildlife. They can also be created by the player after completion of a research project.

Undead creatures don’t require food or sleep but they can’t breed and don’t produce meat. They can be trained like regular animals and yield special crafting ingredients when butchered.

*If Vanilla expanded framework is installed, some of the creatures will have unique attacks and traits.

Weapons and Apparel

The weapons and armour of the Profaned, craftable after completion of new research projects.

*Some weapons and armour make use of Vanilla expanded framework for unique effects and abilities.


Buildings and styles

Compatibility notes

*Royalty is required for the throne to function, otherwise it’s just for decoration.
*Ideology is required for the altar and column styles.
*LTS Sytems is required for the double doors.

Rimedieval – Compatible but due to how Rimedieval affects pawn generation, it may cause pawns to spawn with different weapons and apparel than intended.

Combat extended compatible?

Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with CE so not right away, if you ask the CE guys nicely they might make a patch.

Can this be added to an ongoing save?

It should be fine to add to an ongoing game, I wouldn’t recommend removing it though. It’s always a good idea to backup your saves either way.

1.5 compatible?

Right now my plan is to update to 1.5 when it’s fully released next month.

Balance suggestions?

I’m always open to suggestions, I do try to keep things close to vanilla in terms of balance but sometimes things are hard to gauge. Let me know if anything seems under or overpowered.

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