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The Dead Man’s Switch Mod

Author of the The Dead Man’s Switch Mod: AOBA

Millennia earlier, the threat of archotech war machines, pirates, and awry bio-organic weapons arose. Nara an Interstellar Industries Complex initiated the project of semi-automated war-machines, which aimed at creating a legion of war-machines with low technology and maintenance requirements to aid humans in all galaxies in the war against all those threats.

It was a quite successful project, and as countless fleets of unknown generations of ships marched toward the borders of human civilization, the production technology of these weapons also spread in the edge world… until today.


This is a large-scale mod that was created around the cyberpunk theme of the 1990s. It has a lot of content, including heavy metallic weapons, industrial-tactical robots, and bio-mech bionic, so I don’t intend to teach you how to play it. You experience the story you want to play with the new choices! I believe you will find the joy you want.

The Dead Man’s Switch Mod features

  • A new Scenario
  • A standalone technology tree
  • An Ideology style pack
  • A well-prepared interstellar colonization company
  • A royalty Title system based on military organization
  • A cargo load of heavy weapons and more than 20 types of military-industrial-style killing machines.
  • Mechanoids that have customizable weapons.
  • Cheap but costly bionic
  • Lots of new clothes
  • CE compatibility

Try it for yourself, I guarantee it’s worth a try.


Q: How to equip mech weapon? (For mech)
A: Select Mech and right-click the weapon, if the weapon is supported it will be available to equip.

Q: How to equip mech weapon? (For Colonists)
A: They need an exo-skelton suit before equip it.

Q: What weapon did a mech supported
A: You can find the supported weapon inside the info card.

Warning – A new game is highly recommended.

If you find any problems or have any ideas while playing, you can give feedback to the Discord group:

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