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The Corporation Mod – Mort’s Factions

Author of the The Corporation Mod – Mort’s Factions: Mort Strudel

Towering above the Urbworld megacities are the Executive Spires – lavish office superstructures where the rich and powerful of the corporate world wheel and deal. In one of these monuments to The Corporation, a Director has just signed an order that will shape the next century of their entire Subsidiary’s business strategy. The Director has set their sights on The Rim.

Introducing The Corporation! This is a faction mod adding an Urbworld-themed corporate faction. The Corporation has access to advanced Spacer technology, including mechanitor tech, which they use to field war mechs alongside their bionically-augmented soldiers. The Corporation typically uses tried-and-true mech designs in combat, such as Scythers, Lancers, and Pikemen, along with the occasional Legionary for support.

The Corporation Mod – Mort’s Factions features


Climb the corporate ladder with a suite of all-new corporate titles, from mere interns and employees to powerful executives. Becoming an Intern, Part-Time Employee, or a Full-Time Employee is easy, allowing you to fill your colony with them, but the real money gets made by the Executives.


Corporate titles give access to new permits. Each rank gets access to an increasingly lucrative version of the Silver drop permit – Part-Time Employees will get only a pittance of silver, but a Regional Executive will be making thousands of silver per year. If you want more direct support from the Corp, you can forgo your raise and instead spend your permit points on various defensive permits, such as support from corporate soldiers, corporate mechanoids, or shrapnel bombardments. High-ranking pawns in the Corporation also get access to the coveted Corporate Mech Supplier orbital trade ship, which has rare mechanitor supplies for sale.


In addition to the Mech Supplier ship, the Corporation is an excellent trade partner for any goods you might need. The Corporation is always happy to trade – besides the Mech Supplier, corporate caravans, bases, and ships can all be traded with freely, even without a title. The Corporation’s traders have double the goods and silver supplies of a typical trader, making them one of the best options in the game for commerce.


Need some cash to pay for all those shiny goods? Make money by filling out paperwork! Paperwork is a new resources available in this mod: its raw form is Unfilled Paperwork, which a pawn can turn into Completed Paperwork at an Office Desk. What can you do with this paperwork, might you ask? Nothing! It’s totally useless! However, the Corporation seems oddly obsessed with having the stuff filled out, and is willing to pay you to complete it. Any Corporate trader will purchase completed paperwork from you. Paperwork requires no skills to complete, and its raw form is available in essentially limitless quantities from an Intern permit, so it’s way to turn even your most unskilled pawns into profitable employees. At the Corporation, silver is king, so you’ll want to be putting everyone to work to make as much money as possible.

…Or you could just steal from the Corpos themselves.

The Cyber Punks

Fight against The Corporation alongside the Cyber Punks! The Cyber Punks are an eclectic bunch of hackers, body-modders, and rebels who use stolen mechtech to fight back against the corpos. The Cyber Punks sow chaos with whatever war mechs they can get their hands on, including militors, scorchers, tesserons, and even reprogrammed tunnelers. The Punks have a special version of the deserter quest from vanilla royalty – the site provided by the Punk you rescue gives access to valuable mechtech materials. This quest will repeatedly show up throughout the game so long as you aren’t hostile with the Punks, tempting you into incurring the wrath of the Corpos. You may also get quests from the Punks to attack distant Corporate sites, or vice versa.


This mod features a new path to escape the planet – by buying your way out. Amass a ludicrous amount of silver, bring it to the Corporation’s starship dealer, and you can buy a ship of your own to take you to the stars! If you can survive the startup sequence…


Want more details about the lore of The Corporation? Take a look! I’ll probably add more to this at some point.

Compatibility notes

The Corporation Mod requires Royalty and Biotech DLCs.

Mod Integration:

Political Compass – Mort’s Ideologies: Adds a Corporate leader precept to the Wealth Stratification meme, which causes your pawns to want a leader with high rank in The Corporation, and automatically sets your highest-rank Corporate pawn to be leader if possible.

Vanilla Ideology Expanded – Memes and Structures: The Corporation will start with the Corporate ideoligion structure and style if this mod is installed.

Rimsenal Style Pack – Urbworld: The Cyber Punks will start with the Urbworld style if this mod is installed.

Known Issues

  • The starship purchase quest shows some Ship to the Stars text when you enter the tile of your purchased ship
  • The corporate intro quest can throw an error if the raid points are set too high. Shouldn’t show up in regular gameplay, let me know if it ever does
  • Rarely, the game will throw an error when a raiding mechanoid is injured
  • Modded starting scenarios often use a custom player faction, which will be automatically hostile with the Empire unless I manually patch that faction into the Corporation’s whitelist. If you run into this issue, send me the defName of the relevant faction, and I can easily fix the issue for you with a tiny patch. If the modder set things up in a reasonable way, this information should be in a file called Factions_Player.xml.
  • Interaction spots of the Office Desk and Office Chair conflict, and only can be placed in a certain order
  • Paperwork uses Intellectual/Research when it isn’t supposed to

Shoutouts to the long-defunct MegaCorp mod by CrustyPeanut, which provided some inspiration for The Corporation. The Corporation is not a continuation of the MegaCorp mod, and contains no code or content from it.

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