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The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod

Author of the The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod: BlackMarket420

The The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod adds deadly monsters, weapons, armor, items, events, and a custom scenario. This mod was created to add more monsters to fight and challenge, with the sole purpose of turning the rim even more in-hospitable. Although there are already some mods that adds spooky monsters in the workshop, but hey, the more the merrier am I right?

The monsters, known as Necronoids, are custom designed by yours truly :3, born from imagination and influence from 80’s – 90’s pinoy horror movies like shake – rattle – and roll, while the rest are from personal preferences and from a doom 2 mod called “Total Chaos”. If you recognize the power armor of this mod, then you’ll understand.

I’ll probably continue to update this mod, adding more monsters and stuff, you’ll have to look forward to it in the future!

The Army Of Fetid Corpses Mod features


Q: Can I add this mid-save?
A: Probably, I’ve tested it, and it didn’t cause any issues so far.

Q: Is it CE compatible?
A: No, sorry. I don’t make CE patches. Please ask the guys who developed CE for a patch.

Q: The Necronoids didn’t appear after waiting for 7 days in the custom scenario, is there a fix?
A: If you run the scenario on the first try, then exit, then run the scenario again, the Necronoid Horde incident won’t trigger. I know, it’s weird, if that happen, you should exit and enter the game again in order for the incident to work once more.

Q: Is it balanced?
A: Sure! Necronoids a like generic zombies, but with variants. They’re not that hard to deal with, but once they gather into a horde, then you’re in big trouble. But yeah, the armor and weapons can be a little bit strong, but not too crazy.

Q: Do you accept commissions
A: Absolutely! Just DM me on discord, and we can discuss what mod you want me to make, https://discord.com/invite/rimworld

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