Tangle Weed Mod

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The Tangle Weed Mod is a simple mod that adds a new plant called “Tangleweed vine” which is very difficult to walk through. It takes longer to grow than food crops, but not quite as long as trees.

The tangleweed vine is designed to be used defensively, by either:

  • Planting it next to your buildings to stop enemies from getting too close.
  • Planting it so that it creates a maze for your enemies to approach your colony through.

Anyone who attempts to walk through the vines will get damage. To avoid your colonists from harvesting the vines when they reach maturity, remove them from the home area.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Tangle Weed Mod Review
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The Tangle Weed Mod is not really a necessary mod, but it certainly adds a lot of fun to the game. You can set weed paths to control where the enemies can and cannot walk, and watch them struggle if they try to walk through it. But be careful, because the weeds also hurt your own colonists.

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