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[SYR] Processor Framework Mod

Author of the [SYR] Processor Framework Mod: Syrchalis

A framework for processors to transform items and more, read player features!

Processor Framework Mod features

A processor takes a set of ingredients and turns it autonomously into a product over a period of time. The framework supports a huge variety of settings to individualize the processes and brings easy to use UI for players, as well as several other improvements, like better textures.

Players benefits

  • New HD barrel texture
  • Barrel can be made of any wood type
  • Brewery can be made of any wood type
  • ITab to quickly select products and ingredients
  • Products are shown on the processing building
  • Performance-improvements over vanilla
  • Button in settings to replace vanilla barrels

The mod is mainly aimed at mod authors who want to add any sort of processor to their mod or make an existing object a processor. Documentation can be found in the wiki on Github.

Compatibility notes

Load early in the load order. Some patched mods need to be loaded before, they are configured to show up in mod screen.

The following mods are patched and upgraded to use processor framework:

  • VFE Medieval
  • VFE Settlers
  • VFE Vikings
  • Salted Meat
  • RimBees
  • Vegetable Garden Project
  • Vegetable Garden Project – Drinks (UF version)
  • Fertile Fields

Important: Processor Framework replaces other frameworks on mods it patches, for example RimBees (VE Framework) or Garden Drinks UF (Universal Fermenter). These mods will then not require the old framework anymore. Your mod list or mod manager will still complain about them needing the old framework or about load order. Ignore that! I had too many commenters that didn’t understand this.

Universal Fermenter sucessor? Why now? What changed? It all started a year ago, October 2020. I received a massive pull request on GitHub. This pull request added various new features and changed a majority of the code. As author I can not simply accept and merge such a pull request without a thorough review of the code. Because I need to be able to understand how it works so I can fix issues that pop up.

The pull request remained un-merged for months. Eventually 1.3 released and I wasn’t able to update my mods in time. Charlotte updated Universal Fermenter and merged the pull request. in October 2021 I updated Universal Fermenter, but this lead to two different versions existing – one with the pull request (and all the massive changes) added and one without. Some modders had adapted and used the features of Charlotte’s fork.

The features are good, so I tried merging the pull request myself. However, I immediately noticed two big issues that made the mod unfit for release. Since I was not familiar with how the code worked I couldn’t fix these issues.

As result I decided to take the time to rewrite the entire code, add the features and a lot more as well.

All these changes made compatibility difficult so it’s easier to make it a seperate mod. Now modders can transition from my UF or Charlottes UF (or even VE framework) to PF at their own pace. The name should also clarify this is absolutely not a mod just for fermenting but for any process that transforms items over time, without requiring a pawn to stand there and work.

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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