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Survivalist’s Additions Mod

Authors of the Survivalist’s Additions Mod: CuproPanda, Mantrasong

The Survivalist’s Additions Mod adds new features for primitive and tribal playthroughs.

Survivalist’s Additions Mod features

New items added

  • Charcoal: Made in a charcoal pit. Used as fuel for the grill, smoker, and forge.
  • Grilled Meals: Come in three varieties: Meat, Veg, and Fine. Provide a small mood bonus, but are slightly more time consuming to make.
  • Curdled Milk: Milk that has been curdled with vinegar to make cheese. Made at the brewery.
  • Cheese: A processed food made from milk. Has a good flavor and lasts 21 days before rotting.
  • Smoked Meat: Like grilled meals, but last for 20 days before rotting.
  • Smoked Cheese: Like smoked meat, but made of cheese.
  • Turnip: Yields both turnips and turnip greens. Turnips last for a long time, but the greens don’t.
  • Cabbage: Able to survive and grow in winter temperatures.
  • Prickly Pear: Fruit from cacti.
  • Turnip Salad: 5 turnip greens can be combined with 5 vegetables to make a salad.
  • Cabbage Salad: 5 cabbage can be combined with 5 vegetables to make a salad.
  • Vinegar: Fermented berries provide a liquid for preserving vegetables.
  • Pickled Vegetables: By combining vinegar with turnips or cabbage, the food can be preserved to last indefinitely.
  • Shemagh: A large cloth wrapped around the head which can cover the face when needed. Helps insulate the wearer from the elements.
  • Jute Fiber: Used to make burlap fabric.
  • Burlap: A scratchy fabric that can be worn at a cost to mood.
  • Rimshroom: Rarely spawning mushrooms that are high in protein.

New objects added

  • Grill: Alternative to the campfire for powerless meal production. Can be used to make 2 meals at a time.
  • Shelter Door: Quick to open, but quick to destroy. Can only be made out of wood.
  • Shelter Wall: Cheap and quick to build, but quick to destroy.
  • Shelter Heater: Cheap wood heater that lasts for a night.
  • Charcoal Pit: A pit dug into the ground for burning wood into charcoal.
  • Smoker: Stone building that can be used to slowly cook meats and/or cheese, preserving them for a long period of time.
  • Forge: Allows crafting metal weapons using charcoal.
  • Bellows: Speeds up the crafting speed of the forge and charcoal pit.
  • Vinegar Barrel: Allows berries to be fermented into vinegar.
  • Cheese Barrel: Allows curdled milk to be made into cheese.
  • Camp Table: A lightweight table for making simple things like a shemagh, salads, or pickles.
  • Camp Butcher Table: A lightweight table for butchering animals.
  • Snare: Used as automated hunting, will catch and kill small animals that wander into it.

Other features

  • Hardy Plants: Turnips and Cabbage can be grown in colder temperatures than normal plants.

Compatibility notes

The Survivalist’s Additions Mod is compatible with the following mods:

  • Medieval Times: Coal is usable in the Forge, Grilled Meals available at the Stone Hearth, other recipes added to Food Prep Station.
  • SeedsPlease: Seeds added for Turnip, Cabbage, and Jute.
  • Zen Garden: Saguaro Cactus can be grown in an Orchard Zone to produce Prickly Pear; Cherries, Persimmon, and Crabapple can be used to make Vinegar.
  • Glowstone: Forge can be used to weld Glowstones and make Glowstone Tiles.
  • Cupro’s Alloys: Forge/Crucible can be used to make alloys.


Version 1.4
Survivalist’s Additions Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

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