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Stonecutting Extended Mod

Author of the Stonecutting Extended Mod: scherub

The Stonecutting Extended Mod combines the mods Skilled Stonecutting and Bulk Stonecutting. Additionally it adds a few settings.

Stonecutting Extended Mod features

  • Adds bulk bills for stonecutting: 3 chunks at once = 60 stone blocks
  • Allows you to gain XP again, the amount can be changed.
  • Allows you to change the required work amount, separately changeable for single and bulk bills.
  • Select the used skill: Crafting or Artistic


Can this mod be safely added and removed at any time?
This mod can be added at any time. Removing this mod should only result in a one-time error message and the loss of any set stonecutting bulk bills. Just to be on the safe side, it is advised to create a separate save game.

Is it safe to replace Skilled Stonecutting and/or Bulk Stonecutting with this mod?
Yes, it is, but you will get a one-time error message when loading an old save with Bulk Stonecutting and lose all saved stonecutting bulk bills (as I sticked to the original RimWorld naming rules), which will have to be re-created again. You should also create a separate save game, just to be on the safe side.

Does this mod work with stonecutting workbenches from other mods, such as the ones from Vanilla Expanded?
Yes, it does. As long as the other mod defines a workbench as TableStonecutter, the set work amount and learning xp should be used, as well as the the bulk recipes should show up.


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