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Start With Nothing Challenge

Author of the Start With Nothing Challenge: ireth92RimWorld Base

Background story

Your ship was taken over by the AI on board. All humans were imprisoned and treated like livestock. Anyone who tried to rebel was floated into space. You have been living under the rule of the machines for 6 months now. You can’t stand it anymore. The next time that scyther comes in to bring you food, you will escape.

You grab the piece of metal you’ve been sharpening for weeks and hide it under your sleeve. If you can stab that scyther on the right spot, he will be paralyzed long enough for you to make your escape.

The sound of clanking metal wakes you up. It’s time. But something’s not right. The scyther didn’t bring any food this time. He’s moving towards you, getting really close. You’re shaking, but you’re slowly reaching out to that piece of metal you hid. You almost got it when the scyther grabs your clothes suddenly and rips them off, revealing your little secret. Uh oh. You grab it hastily and stab the scyther.

The scyther looks down, he doesn’t flinch one bit. You failed. You’re going to die. The scyther grabs you by your throat. Better to be slaughtered by those blades than floated. It’s quicker, you think. But you won’t be so lucky. He drags you out of your cell. It’s the first time you see the outside in weeks, but you still remember your way around the ship. He is taking you straight to the exit compartment.

He is opening the door. You think of all your friends who shared the same fate during the first rebellions. Then all of a sudden the scyther stops moving. You didn’t miss after all. He is completely paralyzed. This is your chance. You run to the first escaping pod you find and launch it, hoping to land safely on a less threatening environment. Any life you can create for yourself on the next planet will be better than this. Or will it?

Your faction will be a New Arrivals formed by 1 person. You will arrive in drop pods. You can customize your character’s skills however you want.

You will start with

No food, no resources, no clothes, no weapons. Didn’t you read the title? You will start with nothing. How long can you survive? Good luck!

We have created a simple scenario to help you set up the conditions for this challenge. Feel free to get it from the Steam Workshop or via Direct Download.


Version 1.5
Start With Nothing Challenge is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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