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Author of the Stargate Mod: HopeSeekrHopeSeekr

The Stargate system allows you to transport materials over the great distances between colonies, both off-world and on.

ALERT: The transdimensional construction of an Offworld Stargate has *devastating* consequences for all higher
lifeforms on the map!**

Compatibility notes

WARNING: This mod uses the Rimworld Base Save Functionality in ways that it was never designed to support, mainly saving specific things into a separate file instead of saving everything on the map to one file at once. Because of this there may be adverse effects. The main one that I have found is that after traveling through the Stargate Social opinions relating to that colonist will be lost, they will effectively be meeting everyone for the first time again. At this time I do not know of a practical way to resolve this issue.

WARNING: I have not tested this on any DLCs. It is very possible that this is not compatible.

Discussion, Non Steam Downloads is at the GitHub repo. Ideally Bugs should be logged on GitHub although in the discussion thread is also fine.

Forked from Jaxxa’s ED-Stargate (but only ~100 lines remain of the original code).

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