Star Wars – The Force Mod

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Authors of the Star Wars – The Force Mod: Jecrell, Xen, Harrison, Erdelf

The Star Wars – The Force mod requires the JecsTools Library in order to work. Please, ensure you have it installed and on a higher position in the mods list.

The Star Wars The Force mod adds RPG-leveling, alignment, and force powers to RimWorld.

For a character to gain force powers, they must start with the force sensitive trait. After spending time working, they will discover their force powers through gaining force XP. Low level force powers can be used by both dark and light sides of the force. Penultimate powers are restricted for pure dark or pure light force wielders.

This mod is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

Star Wars: A RimWorld Series

Let your colonists feel the force and equip them with lightsabers to become part of the Star Wars Universe. Fight or join the Empire or the Rebels and become the best jedi or sith.

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Version: 1.4

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.4

Older versions Beta 18 Beta 19 1.0 1.1 1.3

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Star Wars - The Force Mod Review
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The Star Wars – The Force Mod is the biggest mod in the trilogy and probably the one that adds more variety and fun to the game. You get to be a jedi and use powers (for good or evil), which are a lot of fun but also a little overpowered, specially if you have multiple force sensitive people in your colony.

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