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Jernfalk’s Standalone Horses Mod

Author of the Jernfalk’s Standalone Horses Mod: JernfalkJernfalk

The Standalone Horses Mod adds two variations of horses to RimWorld. If combined with the Giddy-Up! Mod by Roolo, it offers a great transport option for combat and caravanning. By itself, it offers delicious horse meat.

Standalone Horses Mod features

Regular horses

Regular horses that can be naturally found in both Boreal and Temperate forests, they make great pets and caravan animals.

Wooly horses

More used in cold environments, this variation of horse can be naturally found on Tundras as well as Boreal Forests. They are much slower and wilder than regular horses but are able to survive in much lower temperatures.

Compatiblity notes

Jernfalk’s Standalone Horses Mod should be compatible with pretty much everything. Including other mods that add horses in the game.


Version 1.4
Jernfalk’s Standalone Horses Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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