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Stabilize Here Mod

Author of the Stabilize Here Mod: Linkolas

The Stabilize Here Mod lets you tend to downed pawns right where they are instead of taking them to beds. A true lifesaver!

Stabilize Here Mod features

Doctors won’t take the time to search for medicine; this is intended as an emergency action. The tending action is kept vanilla for its calculations, which means you’ll probably have bad tending quality (no medicine used, no bed bonus, probably filth around), but hey! The bleeding has stopped.

GitHub: https://github.com/Linkolas/RW_Stabilize

– English
– Japanese (thanks to @Proxyer)
– German (thanks to @Sacred-Shadow)
– French (thanks to @skalou)
– Spanish (thanks to @Spartan)
– Polish (thanks to @soshman)
– Chinese (thanks to @gaogzs)
– Portuguese Brazilian (thanks to @Bambinoff)
– Russian (thanks to @mike-ovch)

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