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[SR] Factional War Mod

Author of the [SR] Factional War Mod: Shadowrabbit

The [SR] Factional War Mod adds 4 types of incidents. In these incidents, you are not the protagonist, and you are not at the center of the war. You are just a bystander, and you have the right to choose whether to be involved in the incident or not. The enemy’s AI will have some more detailed performances, such as self-treat, killing enemy wounded, rescuing friendly wounded, destroying enemy factions and plundering loot, assaulting enemy faction camps, destroying enemy faction rooms to find loot, kidnapping members of hostile factions, and so on.

[SR] Factional War Mod features

Faction Assault

Two rival factions will fight each other on your map. Don’t worry, even if you are closer to the enemy, the enemy will not take the initiative to approach you. For them, killing the members of the rival faction is the most important thing!

Faction Bombardment

Two rival factions will launch an artillery battle on a nearby map. This is a good opportunity to make war fortune!

Faction Contention

A batch of precious cargo fell on an area containing a mechanical clan. The two factions fought for resources. If you can make a deal at the right time, then this shipment is yours!

Faction Defense

This event is very dangerous and the rewards are also very rich. Please make sure to make sufficient preparations before you come to the war.
One of your rival factions has been attacked. Maybe you can take advantage of the chaos and take away something.

Compatibility notes

It is improbable to cause incompatibilities with other wants. You can play with CE or anything else, it will probably be fine.


What is the difference between faction assault and incidents in Join Battle or RimEffect?
The same point is that both factions are placed on the current map. The difference is that the first two will put a team of raiders and a team of friendly. The target of the raiders is still your warehouse. The two factions in this mod may be your hostile faction, or both of your friendly factions, depending on the relationship between the two factions. Regardless of the faction, their goals have nothing to do with you. The goal of the two factions is to defeat the opponent -> tend self -> kill the opponent’s wounded -> rescue teammates -> take away the loot of the opposing faction.

Are the AI tweaks limited to the incidents/events?
The AI group are only effective in the incidents.

Is it safe to add mid-game?

Will this work with Rimwar or Medieval?
Yup. If all factions are at the level of medieval technology, then the war must be medieval.

Languages: Chinese(简体中文), English, French (Français), Japanese (日本語)

French by qux.
Japanese by Proxyer.
Preview image is created by 金兔子拉面.
Icon design by 3HST有限公司.

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